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Obwa Kyabazinga

Busoga is a kingdom and one of four constitutional monarchies in present-day Uganda. The kingdom is a cultural institution which promotes popular participation and unity among the people of the region through development programs to improve their standard of living. Busoga strives for a united people who have economic, social and cultural prosperity and assists the Kyabazinga.

Busoga means “Land of the Soga”, and is the kingdom of the 11 principalities of the Basoga or Soga (singular Musoga) people. Its capital is Bugembe, near Jinja (Uganda’s second-largest city, after Kampala). Busoga comprises eleven districtsKamuliIgangaBugiriMayugeJinjaLuuka, Bugweri, Namayingo, Buyende, Kaliro and Namutumba. Each district is headed by an elected chairperson or a Local Council Five, and municipalities are headed by an elected mayor. Jinja is the industrial and economic hub of Busoga. Busoga is bordered on the north by shallow Lake Kyoga (separating it from Lango), on the west by the Victoria Nile (separating it from Buganda), on the south by Lake Victoria (separating it from Tanzania and Kenya) and on the east by the Mpologoma River (separating it from smaller tribal groups such as the Banyole, Adhola, Bugwere and Bugisu). It also includes several islands in Lake Victoria, such as Buvuma Island.

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