Two rockets ‘hit’ near US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone

Several rockets have been fired towards Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, landing near the embassy of the United States in Iraq, according to security sources cited by news agencies.

Residents of the Iraqi capital reportedly heard the explosions followed by alert sirens that sounded briefly across the Tigris River overnight on Tuesday.

There were no reports of casualties and no claim of responsibility for the attack on the zone, a heavily-protected area hosting government offices and foreign embassies.

A foreign security source inside the Green Zone said two 100mm rockets hit close to the US embassy and a third fell into the Tigris River, which the embassy overlooks.

“One hit about three metres [10 feet] inside a gate on the embassy compound,” the source told AFP news agency.

An Iraqi security source confirmed to AFP that two Katyusha rockets landed near the embassy shortly before midnight.

The Iraqi military said two projectiles hit the edges of the Green Zone, according to AFP.

The last rocket attack on the Green Zone took place on May 19, just days after the US announced an “ordered departure” of all non-essential diplomatic staff in Iraq amid rising tensions with neighbouring Iran.

Iraq has enjoyed a period of relative stability since declaring victory over the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS) group in late 2017.

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