Kyabazinga HRH William Gabula Nadiope, IV has appealed to fellow Kings to always prioritise social sciences for their subjects

Isebantu Kyabazinga of Busoga, His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope,IV has appealed to fellow Kings and other cultural leaders across the African continent to always prioritise social sciences for their subjects.

Addressing the African Continetal Summit & National Family Festival involving cultural leaders at Grand Hotel, Niamey-Niger, the Kyabazinga who represented Uganda in the meeting emphasized the importance of togetherness.

“As custodians of culture, we are duty-bound to preserve our values and norms at all times amidst the challenging times of the digital era”, the Kyabazinga counseled before elaborating the importance of development with a cultural touch.

“Culture is cross-cutting generally. However, we need to focus on the development of our areas as this will endear the people to us minus this consideration we might hit a snag. We also need at all times to promote the unity of our subjects as this is the major basis of togetherness”, he said.

The summit brought together different cultural leaders from across the continent to forge a way forward with the advent of the latest technology.

The summit agreed to promote unity, development, preserve their respective cultural heritage among other social services.

It should be remembered that Kyabazinga returned recently from South Africa where he interfaced with his subjects emphasizing the need to promote unity and development of their mother institution.

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