URA impounds smuggled goods in Busia

Uganda Revenue Authority in Busia town has impounded huge consignments of smuggled goods in an operation that targeted shops.

The operation carried by the enforcement officers along Tororo road saw several contraband goods among them salt, wheat flour, cooking oil impounded from the various shops.

Simon Esunget the supervisor customs Busia says, the goods had been smuggled from Kenya into the country and paused a huge risk to the people who consume them in addition to causing revenue loss to the country.

The several residents who gathered around as the operation went, however, say it was bad for the tax body to impound goods that were already in shops.

The residents say, they had resorted to smuggling due to unemployment and want government to establish factories at the border town to employ the many youth.

Esunget however says, they have embarked on sensitization of the population on the dangers of smuggling.

Busia district has a porous border stretching over 57 kilometers from Majanji to Tororo which favours smuggling activities.

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