President Museveni Pens down Letter to Nagirinya Killers, Condemns police

He first sent condolences for all those who were murdered including Nagirinya, Kitayimbwa, his nephew Joshua Rushegyera, Tumukunde Merina among others!

He said, as he told us before, these criminals are pigs and anybody who kills people outside war is a pig. Moreover, many are stupid. They forget that all crime leaves clues and, eventually, the criminals will be captured.

That the 10 points anti-crime plan he presented to Parliament last year has helped them to arrest many killers although they’ve partially implemented it, like the Masaka gang of Kiddawalime was wiped out (killed or arrested), Serugo Paul and his Syndicate in Masaka, Kanyesigye Julius alias Mwesigye Amon in Rwizi and Kampala and the Usafi mosque criminal syndicate were neutralized.

Also the weaknesses of the Police or the killers’ allies in the Police have been exposed!

The President said officers who we were negligent at work have been arrested and he directed that all involved must be tried, sentenced, punished and dismissed from the Police and must never work in any Govt department again as there are many ‘Bazzukulu’ who are looking for jobs that will replace them!

That the Courts need to move quickly on the cases of murder, rape and terrorism, the big backlog of cases notwithstanding and punishments must also be severe, including the hanging of Killers.

He concluded by saying that the NRM always believes in the Law of Moses: AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.

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