Leather Turning Factories Face Closure in Jinja due to Lack of Market

Story by Samuel Mwesigwa

In summary

Since May this year almost a total of 100 workers have lost their jobs just in Jinja town only as others totaling to 2000 pending to lose their jobs this years end.

A time when Jinja was on its way to revive its lost glory of the best industrial town in Uganda and East Africa as its in the Ugandan historical books, again tension has knocked doors of the working community after reports circulating that a total of 10 companies including SWT Leather Industries, SKY FAT leather factory, Fresh Parch and many others are eying to close due to unstable market at the international level.

Since May this year these companies started sending off workers from different departments on claims that the factories own no space for them. Among the said factories SWT, SKYFAT (Jinja based) are still victims of employing workers in thousands without working certificate that’s to say company identity cards, appointment letters, working contract which has left most of the worker vulnerable to torture without legal assistance.

Today at the premises of SWT, one of the leather companies in Jinja for a second time a total of 50  workers almost strangled the company’s acting manager Abdul Kalindi who was in a disguise claiming not to close this company yet a group of complainants held signed notice from the management halting work due to the coming temporarily closure

Bagoole Joshua the workers representative at the district cautioned owners of the factories and companies in Jinja to immediately legalize the workers`wellfare while at the working premises . However, our inside source has it that companies LIKE SWT, SKYFAT, and other leather turning factories are gradually loosing market outside Uganda due to political instability in those potential countries, other reasons are the law level  in quality of these company`s  products.

Wait for details as we engage the commissioner in ministry of gender on this matter 

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