We need better funding for vocational institutions – Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga promised to solicit funding and support for the vocational Institutes in Busoga region.

She said that she will involve industries and factories and keep urging the government since they are the major benefactors of vocational graduates to properly fund the Institutes.

This, she said, while officiating at the first graduation ceremony of Basoga Nsadhu Vocational Institute on Thursday, 24 October, 2019 in Busiki, Namutumba District.

“I promise to work with the MPs and government to solicit funding and support internationally and locally from the government and other stakeholders to improve the quality of our schools so that they are well equipped,” she added.

Kadaga also expressed her pleasure with the fact that some of the graduands had already got jobs or were already productive instead of having to graduate first before getting a job.

“While attending a graduation of Nawanyago Technical Institute recently I was delighted to learn that one of the graduates was already working as a chef at State House even before graduation,” she said, adding that that should be the case for everyone.


She further advocated for more girls and boys to cross cuttingly take part in the various skills without leaving them to any particular sex.

“Please, mechanical training is not restricted to boys and neither is hairdressing,” Kadaga further noted.

The area MP, Hon. Paul Akamba (Busiku County) thanked the Speaker for supporting the establishment of the Institute and told all parents, leaders and the youth to support and embrace vocational education because the skills acquired during vocational training are want propel industry and development.

“White collar professionals like lawyers or economists are not the backbone of development but rather the skills based professions which support industrial development,” he added.

Akamba told parents to encourage their children to take on the path of acquiring technical skills and craft as they are equally well paying especially when mastered and support self-employment.

Akamba advocated for the inclusion of the Basoga Nsadhu Vocational Institute in the Busoga Education Initiative and the Busoga Consortium to benefit from their funding.

He congratulated the fresh graduates upon their achievement and told them that they will benefit a lot from the skills they have acquired.

“These skills are marketable on a global platform; unlike a lawyer who needs to master the law of a different land, a trained plumber does the same thing regardless of their location,” Akamba noted

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