St Lawrence-Bumadibira primary school teachers line up for toilet services with pupils

SIRONKO. Teachers of St Lawrence Bumadibira primary school in Bunyafa Sub County, Sironko district have expressed anger to the authority of the district for allowing them to share same dilapidated and cracked toilets with their pupils for over twenty years.

The teachers said that the school under the catholic foundation was established in 1980 and it has population of over 500 pupils.

According to the head teacher Mr. Charles Mafabi, the school has only one toilet for both the staff and pupils, adding that they have been forced by nature to start sharing the only existing sanitary facilities with their pupils on condition that male teachers go to the boy’s latrine while female staffs visit the one for the girls.

Mafabi said that the situation has not been easy for the last over 20 years because it has put teachers in an awkward situation where they have to line up for the toilet services with pupils.
“We one stanza with five doors where female teachers and girls share three doors while male teachers and boys share two doors, ” Mafabi said.

Mafabi also expressed concern over lack of enough classroom blocks with the available ones in a dilapidated state that have exposed their pupils and teachers to dangers whenever it rained.

Mafabi said the practice has not only affected their performance but also dignity since pupils knock at the toilet and keep on waiting for them to first come out and vice versa.“You can imagine when you enter the toilet and group of the pupil that you are meant to teach are lining outside waiting for you to leave the toilet. You know children are funny that they can stand out
and start timing to see how much time you will spend in the toilet,” he said,

“This is not the best practice for us at all. Imagine meeting a pupil in the toilet and come to stand before that same child for a lesson,” he added It’s unfortunate that even community members and church uses the same toilets on Sunday since its catholic church located on the same compound

According to the School senior woman teacher Mrs Florence Asuno, the challenge of sharing toilets with pupils and the local communities surrounding the school has been in existence for long, adding that the situation becomes pathetic when girls go for their menstrual period.

“We are now used to the situation because since the school started at the level of primary four, it has now gone to primary six with an enrolment 500 pupils and Nine teachers now, we are still using the same facilities only that they are currently getting dilapidated,” Asuno said.


Mafabi also said that school was facing the challenge of enough classroom blocks and land for expansion which is affecting the performance of pupils that attend lessons under make and shift structures.
“We only have four permanent class room blocks that accommodate P.7, P.6, P.2,P.1 and the rest classes that include, P.5, P.4 and P.3 study under dilapidated structures without walls and exposes them
coldness and rains,” Mafabi said.

“Its very challenging during the rainy seasons we are forced to combine classes and during this time no lesson is going because different classes have different lesson plans,” he added

Sarapio Wetaka, the chairperson of Bunyafa Sub-county, said they know about the challenges of the school but the budget they have cannot enable them build structures.

Our efforts to engage with the district education authorities were futail.

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