Wakitaka P/S runs for a whole term without Toilets

Amidst the tormenting rains that have hit most of the parts of including eastern region Wakitaka primary school a government school in Mafubira sub-county is on tension over shortage of enough latrine stances the boys which fell after a heavy downpour leaving a total of 1000 pupils with no option when the time of easing themselves come

Reaching at the school at around 12:30 pm the prime time for lunch the pupils where ion their struggle to get places of convenience.

Speaking to Ms. Magara Ruth the school deputy headteacher said that it was the rain that affected this structure which prompted asking for help from any non-government organizations including Busoga trust, USAID, OSUA UGANDA and the government of Uganda. Wakitaka primary school one of the senior government schools in Mafubira sub-county Jinja district if not helped according to the numbers its holds a wide community of pupils shall be bound to healthy associated diseases.

It was revealed by the Mafubira sub-county chairman Amisi Nagayi Kiganira that Mafubira stands at 65% for homes with access to clean water meaning its not only Wakitaka primary school with the tension of contacting healthy born associated diseases but a wide community of people who live in this sub-county.

On Addition Chairman kyiganira says Mafubira stands at 60% for homes without proper toilets, USAID, in partnership with Rotary Uganda -Jinja branch and Busoga trust has got funding of over $4M to construct water source rehabilitate toilets at select schools and health centers that include –Wakitaka Primary school which has got this challenge, Butiki primary school, Musima Primary, and many other including Wakitaka Healthy center .

According to the chairman LC III, a number of health centers in Mafubira have resorted to sinking borehole due to increasing bills from national water which he says the government should intervene




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