March 31, 2020

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Kamuyati travels over 40 kms to beg for her family members who are all disabled

Kamuyati crossing the busy Iganga-Malaba highway

Namugogo Kamuyati travels about 40 kms every day, from Namatale village in Buwaya subcounty Mayuge district to Iganga town to beg and get money to support her mother and children who have disabilities too

The 28 year old with disabilities has turned to begging on the streets of Iganga town to support her family after being abandoned by men whom she has two children.

Kamuyati is the last born in a family of 12. Her father died twenty years ago and now she stays with her mother Tyabiwulira sulaina who is also disabled.

She has two children aged nine and two who were fathered by different men but Kamuyati said both men disowned the children claiming that they cannot produce with a person with disabilities.

Back home, Kamuyati is the bread winner and all hopes are in her, She then breast feeds the child who has the disability before leaving her with the grandmother.

She normally boards a bodaboda which charges her between 4000 t0 6000 to reach Iganga town.

On reaching Iganga town,Kamuyati who doesnot have a wheel chair starts crawling from one street to another and some times sits at strategic points to beg.

Matters are made worse by the fact that she crawls with a bag on the back in which she puts posho she normally buys to take home.

She said that men who fathered the two children disowned her and she has to struggle by all means to look for food.

Her Mother Tyabiwulira Sulaina said that all the twelve children were born with disabilities and seven of them died.

She said that she forced Kamuyati to start travelling to Iganga to look for support after men abandoned her with the children.

She says that the situation at home is bad and sometimes they sleep on empty stomach.

Yusuf Basiba,the Iganga municipal council probation officer said that cases of men who impregnate persons with disabilities and later disown them are many.

He further said Kamuyati and her family needs help and asked well-wishers for help in terms of wheel chairs and food.

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