Lands Minister Orders RDC’s to Arrest Corrupt District Lands Officers

By Bruno Mubangizi                                         

State minister for lands, housing and urban development, Hon Chris Baryomunsi has ordered RDC’s to immediately take action against district lands officers who get bribes and process more than two land titles a serious factor that has caused conflicts in communities.

He said this today during an agent meeting with magistrates, lands officers and RDC’s in Maasaka town and this came after residents at Kafumu village in Sembabule district complained of being ordered to vacate from wetland where they claim to have acquired land titles.

Residents said they have stayed on this land for so many years and this land is not a wetland, but Sembabule district chairman, Dr. Elly Muhumuza said all these people should vacate and their land titles should be cancelled.

Hon Baryomunsi says the lands offices have got a bad image because of the corrupt lands officers and but government is committed to fighting corruption and RDC’s should assist by arresting corrupt lands officers.

He said that government has also devised a method of computerized system of tracing land titles and this measure will also help in curbing corruption in the lands offices and solve a problem of multiple land title processing.

Baryomunsi also said that his ministry has drawn a strategic plan working with the ministery of water and environment to create an atlas showing all the gazette wetlands, rivers and forest reserves so that corrupt lands officers cannot create land tiltles in these areas.

He however warned workers in the lands offices to exercise transparency and even land values should be professional in an effort to avoid land conflicts in communities. 

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