Bya Samuel Mwesigwa

Jinja local residents along the shores of Lake Victoria are suffering with what they call poisonous toxins that almost are eating up the eco system in the waters of Lake Victoria including fish which most of the residents’ sale for a survival.

Talking to some of them they allege that factories along this shore line including BIDCO UGANDA, NILE AGRO to mention but a few seem to be disposing off their waste in the waters of lake Victoria with intensions to harm the business community that base fishing as their daily potential source of income.

However In our efforts to seek clarity we visited one of the alleged companies, Bidco Uganda Limited which refuted these allegations
claiming it may be another company doing this disservice to the community.

According to Bidco, they are being monitored by an international standard organization which has for years commended its disposal management system. However according to the residents in the areas around this
company they say for over a period of three years they have been struggling with this challenge when fish around the scope of BIDCO UGANDA LIMITED waters smell soap after collecting it hence repelling their customers in the restaurants where fish is sold.

Most affected areas include Masese , Walukuba and Wanyange fish landing sites where most of the companies are located.

However its evident that a number of companies have failed to mange their wastes hence taking an advantage of lake victoria as their dumping site.

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